Baked Online

Baked Online was founded by South African influencer, Aisha Baker. The Baked Online platform encompasses everything Aisha represents as a woman who loves all things fashion, beauty, media and motherhood.

Art Direction: Jessie Bell
UX/UI: Naasier Adams
Photography: Tegan Smith


Brand Direction
Web Design


In 2019, Aisha hired our team to reimagine the Baked Online platform and transform it in to an online portal that drives meaningful conversation between millennial women. 

The main objective of the new website was to drive a committed audience to buy from the Baked Online store as well as create a difference in the lives of South African women through meaningful dialogue. The UX and UI needed to be seamless and allow for multiple forms of media, including podcasts, video long post types and a “Shop my Instagram” space for sponsored content. It was also important to have a clear and easy navigation with plenty of advertising opportunity. 

To compliment the new site, we gave the brand an update with a refreshed colour palette and typography pairings.

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